A Fairytale Romance

It’s a fairytale romance, the story of us.
The kind that ends happily ever after.
I never thought it could happen to me,
A regular kid from Dorchester.
But one stormy night, I got a flat tire.
I was stranded in the middle of nowhere.
You appeared like a vision in your big, grimy van,
And offered the help I required.
I was reluctant at first.
I’d seen enough movies
To fear getting chopped up like sushi.
But your tight leather dress and comehither smile
Convinced me that nothing was screwy.
I awoke hours later
In a place dark and damp,
A basement turned dungeon, I guessed.
I was trapped in a cage that hung from the ceiling.
Of course I was somewhat distressed.
I screamed and I hollered until I grew hoarse.
Eventually you came down for a visit.
“Calm down, calm down, my sweet honey bunny,”
And then you cackled a minute.
The first weeks were scary, I have to admit.
I ripped out most of my hair.
But as time passed by, I came to see,
You’re a misunderstood teddy bear.
I love our long talks late into the night.
And the hours spent playing “I Spy.”
I love how you dress me like Winnie the Pooh.
I love how you flap your arms, pretending to fly.
No better girl could the heavens have sent.
I love you with all of my heart.
Now climb in this cage and come spoon with me.
I wish us never to part.


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