Waiting on the Doorstep

I was sat in my recliner watching Real Housewives when the meaning of life rang my doorbell. Continue reading


A Fairytale Romance

It’s a fairytale romance, the story of us.
The kind that ends happily ever after.
I never thought it could happen to me,
A regular kid from Dorchester.
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Birthday Ruminations

Today is my birthday. I’m 33 years old. And I’m sitting here thinking about Pugs in tuxedos.

I wonder if they feel as dapper as they look. Mark Darcy with a curly tail.

How could they not?

Tomorrow Comes Knocking

A week had passed since her husband’s funeral when Karen encountered the old woman beneath the cherry tree. Life was torture then, every moment a death-defying feat as her pain threatened to eat her alive. Continue reading

Idle Dogs and Mutant Crustaceans

Restlessness has plagued me for the last couple of days. When I suggested to my friend that we hit the mall and look longingly at the myriad things we’re too broke to buy, she came back with, “Idle dog f*ck sheep.” – which I took as her way of saying no. I just love her and her fancy talk.

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Stalking Mona Lisa

They ripped me away from my one true love,
For they condemn what they don’t understand. Continue reading

One Big Happy

I was running the vacuum when the doorbell rang. Continue reading