Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

I can’t look at you. Please leave.

No, not until we talk about this.

There’s nothing to talk about. It’s over.

How can you say that? I love you, Jessica. And you love me.

But it’s not enough to save us this time.

I can’t accept that. I refuse to accept that.

You have no choice. I can’t do this anymore.

I’m sorry. Okay? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. If I could rewind…

But you can’t. And let’s be honest, even if you could, it still would’ve happened eventually.

That’s not fair.

It’s the truth and you know it.


Yes. How many times have you been guilty of this exact thing? And I forgave you every time. But guess what? I have no forgiveness left. You’ve sucked me dry.

You don’t understand. It’s not easy for guys to control. But I was trying. I was trying because I love you.

And I love you. But if I find myself sitting on one more piss drenched toilet seat, I’m going to lose my mind and possibly kill you. So I think we should break up.

I see. Can we still be friends?

Probably not.


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