Never-Ending Car Rides with Queen

It was announced today that Queen will be releasing a new album featuring unreleased Freddie Mercury songs by the end of the year. This news makes me jump for joy, a reaction my six-year-old self would quite frankly find appalling Continue reading


Gordon Ramsay’s TV Crack

As I said goodbye to The Mindy Project tonight (loved the season finale), panic descended upon me. Summer programming is about to begin, and I fear Gordon Ramsay will make me his bitch once more. Goddamn Gordon Ramsay and his 5 million addictive shows. I always give in, and I always feel cheap afterwards. This year, I vow to just say ‘no.’

Time to excavate Game of Thrones from my closet and finally see what everyone’s talking about.


Update (July 26, 2014)

Sadly, I’ve relapsed. MasterChef’s got its hooks in me. Help me. Help me, please.