The Walking Dead: Glenn and Maggie

I rooted for Rhett and Scarlett. I rooted for Jack and Rose. Hell, I rooted for Ross and Rachel… even though the writers dragged it on and on and on… But I cannot root for Glenn and Maggie because frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn (see what I did there?).

Am I the only one who doesn’t get this couple? I feel like they were just thrown together in the 2nd season, and from that moment forward I was supposed to root for their epic love. But how can I when they lack the chemistry required for me to be upset at their separation or hopeful for their eventual reunion? This love story bores me – to the point that I find myself wishing Andrea were still around. Sure, I wanted to smack her almost every minute she was on screen, but at least she was interesting. Do something else with these characters, please. There is so much more potential than what we’re seeing.

On a related note, I think Darryl and Carol have perfect chemistry, and keep hoping something will happen between them.


2 comments on “The Walking Dead: Glenn and Maggie

  1. Charity says:

    I vote for Darryl and Carol, TOO! I was terribly weirded out when he was wandering around with Liz. Who is almost as annoying as Andrea for completely different reasons…

    • I completely agree with you. For me, she’s too meek and naive to be likable, and as she and Darryl became closer and closer, I just remember thinking, “oh no, please don’t.”

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