Rogen and Franco’s Vogue Cover

Who knew Seth was such a bosomy fella? Rogen recently tweeted this spoof of Kim and Kanye’s Vogue cover. I think most of us can agree it’s a major improvement over the original.


The Walking Dead: Glenn and Maggie

I rooted for Rhett and Scarlett. I rooted for Jack and Rose. Hell, I rooted for Ross and Rachel… even though the writers dragged it on and on and on… But I cannot root for Glenn and Maggie Continue reading

Grandpa Got a Hooker for His Birthday

My grandpa turned 85 today, and my best friend bought him a hooker. I’m not sure how I should feel about this. Is she a hero? Is she insane? I can’t decide. Besides holding the honored position as my BFF, Juanita Hip-Hop (the name I’m giving her since she wishes to remain anonymous) also happens to be my grandfather’s caregiver. It’s probably important to mention that, as I don’t want her misunderstood as some kind of weird Santa Claus character who goes around dropping giftwrapped sex on elderly people’s doorsteps. Continue reading